TestingPartner Program
PSL's TestingPartner Program is based on PSL's latest generation of test equipment, which -- if you allow it to -- lets us look over your shoulder electronically while you perform the tests.

Available only from PSL, this TestingPartner approach costs less, is easier to schedule, and gets your report and Certificate in your hands faster.

Here's how it works.

  1. Get yourself placed on PSL's list of Trusted Engineers. Usually, this means that we have performed at least one test with you before, or you have completed training to our satisfaction. Contact us and we will discuss your situation
  2. Set up to do the testing yourself, at your location. To participate in the TestingPartner program, you must be using an Industrial Power Corruptor, have immediate access to e-mail at your test location, and have a digital camera. It speeds up the process if there is a telephone line available at the test location, too.
  3. Schedule a TestingPartner session with PSL. We will have an engineer ready to walk you through the test setup, check your power wiring, and inspect your test results -- all while you are doing the test! The PSL engineer may ask you to do some additional tests, or to repeat tests you have already done but with slightly different parameters.
  4. PSL writes the report, and issues the Certificate. Based on the information we gathered during the testing, we will write the third-party test report, and -- when your equipment passes the test -- issue the official Certificate in electronic form, so you can e-mail it to your customers, post it on your web site, etc.
Contact us, and we will get you started.