(For larger systems, we recommend testing at your location, or using our TestingPartner program.

Sag immunity testing in our Lab

In-house services

Voltage sag immunity testing, certification, Training
Design review and advice - power portion of semiconductor tools

We specialize in SEMI F47, SEMI E6, SEMI S23, IEEE 1100, and IEC 61000-4-30 certification,
and we are glad to provide firm, fixed-price quotations.
Virtually every major supplier of power supplies to the semiconductor industry, and every major contactor manufacturer, uses Power Standards Lab for SEMI F47 certification.

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Calibration standards at PSL
PSL's ultimate resistance standard:
0.09999863 ohms

In-house Calibration Standards

0.01% 50Vrms - 500Vrms source, 45 Hz - 200 kHz
0.02% 0.1 - 2.5Arms source
0.0001% 10.0000 Vdc source
0.001% Decade resistors from 0.1 ohms to 1 Megohm
0.1% true RMS voltmeters and current meters
Digital oscilloscopes, including 1kV and 10kV probes

For calibration, PSL maintains two ultra-accurate references: a 0.1 ohm resistor (actually 0.09999863 ohms), and a 1 volt source (actually 1.00000096 volts).
We use these references individually to calibrate our calibration instruments, and we combine them to generate reference currents.

Our references are periodically calibrated at NIST directly against the United States National Working Standards.
For calibrating higher AC voltages -- one of our particular interests -- we use a calibration-grade ratio transformer to bring the unknown voltage into our calibration range.

In-house high power test equipment

400 amps, 240V 60 Hz 3-phase
18kVA (54kVA peak), 100/120/200/208/240/277/480/600V, 1-phase or 3-phase, 50Hz,60Hz,400Hz
14kVA resistive load bank, expandable
480V 200amp, 3-phase continuous precision sag generators
6kV, 5kA shaped impulse generator
2.5kV AC/DC high-potential leakage tester
1,000 amp, 45 Hz - 450 Hz current source, including precision 0.001 ohm 1kW sense resistors

In-house special purpose equipment

Environmental chamber - to -40 deg C
Water-cooling loop, complete with pumps and couplers
Resistive load bank for testing DC power supplies, up to 5kW DC
1kW 50-ohm load for testing RF generators
Precision temperature measurements from -70C to +150C
Spectrum and phase response analyzer from 5Hz to 2 GHz
Portable power disturbance recorder to 2MHz
Portable power flow / harmonics recorder to 50th harmonic

In-house design capabilities

We have engineers on staff with extensive experience in the following:
16-layer surface mount printed circuit boards - P-CAD, Altium Designer
Precision analog design to 2 MHz
Digital / microprocessor design to 20 MHz
Power design to 600 amps, 480Vrms
Firmware development, including emulators
Windows software development for Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista
Mechanical packaging and design, including etched metal - AutoCad, SolidWorks
Web and Internet development