NEW IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3

Power Quality Testing Services Offered

Reasonable hourly, daily, and project rates, depending on your needs.

Most of our test equipment is transportable, and can be brought to your site, for projects up to 480V, 3-phase, at up to 200 amps (It is sometimes quicker and less expensive to test small equipment in our California lab).
Some common applications:
  1. Solving voltage sag problems at textile plants
  2. Assisting a utility with a key account (improving voltage sag immunity)
  3. Certifying voltage sag and impulse immunity according to internationals standards
  4. Independent certification of semiconductor fabrication equipment
  5. Independent testing and certification of power quality measurement equipment
We have standard testing protocols for many types of equipment. If you need a special protocol for your equipment, we can modify or create one. Give us a call, and let's discuss your application!

Your download options include:

  1. Free firmware upgrades
  2. Quick-Start Guides
  3. Users Manuals
  4. Brochures
  5. Specifications
  6. Physical drawings
  7. Application guides
  8. Technical Papers
  9. Useful tools
  10. Fun stuff
  11. ...etc.

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File Description Format / Size
Preparing for PSL Testing.pdf Preparing for PSL Testing PDF
853 KB
Sample - Power Standards Lab SEMI F47 Report.pdf Sample SEMI F47 Report from Power Standards Lab PDF
1,252 KB
Sample- Power Standards Lab SEMI E6-0400 Report.pdf Sample SEMI E6-0400 Report from Power Standards Lab PDF
1,252 KB
Sample_SEMI_F47_report.pdf Sample SEMI F47 voltage sag immunity report. A typical test report for a typical piece of semiconductor fabrication equipment. PDF
221 KB
sola_sdn-4-24-100_f47_certificate.pdf Sample SEMI F47 voltage sag immunity Certificate. A typical Voltage Sag Immunity certificate for a component. PDF
20 KB
Brochure - PSL 61000-4-30.pdf IEC 61000-4-30 - Power Quality Measurement Methods PDF
124 KB