PQTeachingToy Rev 3.0.4 February 2006 Single-phase distortion, Power triangles, vector-based phase shift during voltage sags, waveforms with phase-sequence vectors, additional translations, and more... Includes English and these languages:
  1. Traducción español de Francisco Patxi PAZOS
  2. Traduction française par Georges SIMARD
  3. Deutsche Übersetzung von Stefan FASSBINDER
  4. Traducere în româna de Mircea CHINDRIS
  5. Tradução Português por Bianco SANTANA and Paulo F. RIBEIRO
  6. Polski T³umaczenie Roman TARGOSZ
  7. Traduzione italiana a cura di Antonio BRACALE e Daniela PROTO
  8. Svensk översättning av Mats / Gustav HÄGER

"I am grateful for the kind translations. All errors in the program are my responsibility." - Alex McEachern

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Tested on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows XP. (For hints on Windows 2000, see the PQToyREADME.txt.)

Making copies for students, colleagues
FREE copying. There are absolutely no restrictions on copying and distributing this program. Please feel free to make as many copies as you like, give copies away, post a copy of the installation program on your web site, etc.

Fundamental Power Flow

Fundamental power flow
On-screen knobs for dialing in current, voltage, and phase angle.

Interact in real time with instantaneous volts, amps, power, power triangle with VA, W, VAR, PF, and more. Drag the waveform cursor left and right to demonstrate that the power waveform is simply the instantaneous voltage waveform multiplied by the instantaneous current waveform.

Try dragging around the vertex of the power triangle, just to see what happens.

Sags and Dips

FREE voltage sag simulator
Play with voltage sags, and see in real-time how your sag affects single-phase and three-phase supplies.

Knobs for adjusting power supply parameters, load, source impedance. Real-time display of volts, amps, unregulated voltage, regulated DC.

NEW - grab the ends of vectors during voltage sags, and slide them around...

Symmetrical Components

Three-phase sequence vectors
An animated, interactive way to understand unbalanced three-phase systems, and how positive-sequence and negative-sequence vectors work.

Knobs for adjusting amplitude and angle of +, -, and 0 sequence vectors.

Real-time effects of vectors, and vector sums. Corresponding sine waves shown, too.

Harmonics Primer

Harmonics simulator
An intuitive harmonics simulator -

Just adjust the amplitude and phase angle knobs for each harmonic, and immediately see the effect on the waveform.

The sliding cursor makes it very clear what we mean when we say "add up the sine waves".


Harmonics simulator
Knobs let you adjust resistive and inductive impedance. See how distorted currents affect the voltage waveform. Includes resonance, with knobs to adjust resonant frequency and Q.

Harmonics Power Flow

Harmonic power flow
A crystal clear graphic explanation of why harmonic currents increase volt-amps, without increasing power transfer.


Flicker teaching toy
Knobs let you control the frequency and amplitude of flicker on your PC display screen.

Check out the difference betwen looking at the screen directly, and watching it with you peripheral vision.

Are you more sensitive to a particular flicker frequency?

Harmonic Sequences

Harmonic Sequence
Intuitive, graphical explanation of harmonic sequencing for balanced 3-phase systems.