IEEE power quality standards

Here's where you'll find information about all the IEEE working groups. In general, you can find the Minutes of the last meeting for each group; try sending an e-mail to the Chairman of that meeting if you need more information or a password. Information is generally free.
  1. IEEE SCC-22: Power Quality Standards Coordinating Committee
  2. IEEE 1159:Monitoring Electric Power Quality
    1. IEEE 1159.1: Guide For Recorder and Data Acquisition Requirements
    2. IEEE 1159.2: Power Quality Event Characterization
    3. IEEE 1159.3: Data File Format for Power Quality Data Interchange
  3. IEEE P1564:Voltage Sag Indices
  4. IEEE 1346:Power System Compatibility with Process Equipment
  5. IEEE P1100: Power and Grounding Electronic Equipment (Emerald Book)
  6. IEEE 1433: Power Quality Definitions
  7. IEEE P1453: Voltage flicker
  8. IEEE 519: Harmonic Control in Electrical Power Systems
  9. IEEE Harmonics Working Group
    1. Single-phase Harmonics Task Force
    2. IEEE P519A Guide for Applying Harmonic Limits on Power Systems
    3. Interharmonics Task Force
    4. Harmonics Modeling and Simulation Task Force
    5. Probabilistic Aspects of Harmonics Task Force
  10. Surge Protective Devices Committee
    (Seventeen sub-committee links can be found at the "Sub-committee pages" link...)
  1. IEEE P446: Emergency and standby power
  2. IEEE P1409: Distribution Custom Power
  3. IEEE P1547: Distributed Resources and Electric Power Systems Interconnection
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